Welcome DiagProg IV (DP4)

DiagProg 4 is a fully professional diagnostic tester that offers maximum flexibility and comfort,
Dp4 is an innovative device which can read and erase fault diagnosis - (DTC)
In all brands and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles.
This unit supports all communications protocols can:
SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230 (Keyword 2000), ISO 15765 (CAN bus).


DiagProg4 is the safest diagnostic tester and fastest professional on the market.

DiagProg4 - basic functions:

- Read / erase diagnostic (DTCs)
- Oil inspection Erase,
- Features history of advanced services - reading / erasing
- Reading and programming via diagnostic EEPROM
- Reading and programming via diagnostic FLASH memory
- Immobilization / programming remotes,
- Air Bag (erase) accidents,
- Module Programming after exchange
- Easy and fast and safe programming


DIAGNOSTIC TEST DiagProg4 supports the following modules:

- Engine control computer (responsible for engine work)
- ABS pump (for ABS operation)
- Immobilizer (anti - theft control)
- BODY Control Unit (BSI BCM) computer (Responsible for windows / mirrors, central locking)
- Airbag sensor (responsible for airbag control)
- Central diagnostic gate (called Expired Gateway, ZGW) - Responsible for diagnostics - new configuration modules,
- Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM - Responsible for tire pressure control module)

All our diagprog4 package are scalable and can of course be activated software a la carte, updates are also very regular and in most of the free time for basic things or EEPROM.

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